Welcome to Steeped in Fiction, a blog focused on fiction in all its forms. 

I’m Rose, an eclectic reader, reviewer and tea-drinking student at Oxford University.

I’m here to (over)-analyse popular media, pretend I’m not a perfectionist, and procrastinate from my degree.


More about me . . .

  • Check out what I’ve been reading recently
  • Favourite places I’ve travelled to: Vietnam, Japan, and Niagara Falls
  • Favourite book genres: fantasy, sci-fi, literary fiction and fanfiction (do the last two clash? Not in my mind)

Don’t think about how . . .

  • In a pie-chart of how I spend my time, listening to Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter would take up its own section
  • I relate far too well to memes about University life
  • I’ve failed Nanowrimo every year I’ve tried (but still think there’s something valuable in the attempt)
  • Writing about myself, in About Me pages (or personal statements!) is something I will always find incredibly awkward



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